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The new year is an ideal time to evaluate your business security, personal security, asset protection, the risks and threats you face.

The security of your family, home, business, staff, premises, equipment and other assets is a serious commitment with real consequences. Investing time in the procurement process by undertaking some basic but essential checks can provide far greater assurances when it comes to buying security.

There are a number of recognised hallmarks of quality within the private security industry, not just the one that everybody has heard of and is arguably not fit for purpose.

Here at The Consec Group we pride ourselves on being rigorously assessed against over 100 performance indicators across 8 essential criteria. This demonstrates not only our commitment to delivering quality services to our clients but also the transparency allowing them and potential customers to see exactly how we work giving them complete peace of mind.

With criminality showing no signs of decreasing across all sectors, instead, evolving to find weaknesses in current security systems and protocols. By trusting The Consec Group with your security requirements you automatically benefit from a far greater depth of support as we cater for all aspects; from innovative technical, electrical, remote and digital security solutions to more traditional manned services and bespoke emergency and crisis management.

By choosing our unique Group structure you will also have access to a diverse range of support services, from Facilities Management, Household Management & Staff, Travel Management including drivers and pilots as well as Personal Assistants – all highly experienced and at the top of their chosen fields, exclusively dedicated to representing you.

For further information or to arrange a consultation please contact us using the below.

HQ. T: 01273 974 900
LDN T: 020 3 888 8800