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Access Control Systems

What is an Access Control System?

In it’s most basic form, Access Control is where you control who enters a location and when they do. The person entering can may be an employee, a contractor or a visitor and they can be on foot, driving a vehicle or any other form of transport. The location they’re entering may be a site, building, a room or even a cabinet.

When we talk about a physical access control system, we’re usually referring to an electronic security system. They typically use an identifier such as an access card to authorise people to enter certain areas. And, as they’re capable of logging who accessed where and when, they can provide valuable data to help you track how your buildings and sites are being used.

Providing security and efficiency

Mechanical keys are the simplest form of physical access control and the method many smaller organisations use. Even for a small company, however, using mechanical keys has several flaws and limitations – especially as an organisation gets bigger.

Below are just some of the problems presented by using keys:


  • People lose keys
  • Keys don’t leave an audit trail
  • Keys are difficult to manage
  • Less control and security
  • Keys can be used by anyone, 
  • Labelling keys are a security risk

Restricted Access

Our Access Control Systems are very efficient and allow you to restrict access in multiple ways, for example:

  • Controls who has access
  • Controls which doors they have access to
  • What times they can have access
  • Under which conditions they’re allowed access

Key Identification Methods:

  • Something you have – such as an access card or badge or another type of identification tag.
  • Something you know – for example a PIN or password.
  • Something you are – biometric identifiers such as your fingerprint or iris (eyes).

Each identification method has pros and cons, so the method to choose depends on the situation. You might choose one method for external doors, for example, and another method for internal doors.

You can also combine two identification methods to increase your security standards. This is called verification – you use the first method to identify yourself and the second to verify that it’s you. So, for a room that holds valuable goods, you might ask people to use their access card for identification and then ask them to supply a PIN or present their fingerprint for verification.

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