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Video Analytics

Our Video Analytics uses software and algorithms to detect objects of a specific size, while ignoring irrelevant objects. The software can track these objects reliably, assessing perspective and generating alarms when specific conditions are met.

In deciding whether to generate alarms, the software can take into account many factors, such as the size, speed, direction of travel and the distance it has moved.

The ‘teach by example’ technology allows you to provide feedback for the accuracy of the alarms. The feedback refines the devices self learning capabilities, increasing the accuracy of the analytics used to determine which alarms are real.

Appearance Search Technology

Our Appearance Search technology is a highly intelligent search engine for video data, to easily locate a specific person across an entire site.

It can dramatically improve incident response time and enhance forensic investigation, by allowing CCTV operators to build video evidence and create a powerful

Operators are able to initiate a search by selecting descriptions such as clothing colour and gender to help find a person or object of interest.

Unusual Motion Detection

Our Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) is an advanced feature which has been carefully designed to expose events that may have been missed by the human eye. The technology behind UMD is able to continuously study certain types of activity in a scene and flag any unusual motion.

UMD will focus your attention to unusual activity which may require further investigation. A benefit of having this capability is that it allows operators to examine large amounts of video recordings faster, reducing hours to minutes and seconds.

Facial Recognition

Our Facial Recognition Systems are able to automatically identify a face from within a crowd of individuals. Our camera’s and software use sophisticated algorithms to determine a match to pre-programmed information.

Originally designed as a counter terrorism measure, our Facial Recognition Software is now used for a range of applications, from shopping centres through to entry control systems.

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