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CCTV Camera Systems

Our cutting-edge CCTV Surveillance Systems can work in isolation or as part of an integrated security solutions, protecting your property, people and assets from a wide range of risks and threats across all sectors. From single sites to the most complex multi-site operations, we can supply you with bespoke End-to-End Security Solutions designed by our top-of-the-class engineering team to meet your exact needs. Utilising the latest advancements in technology, including fully functional high-definition IP cameras and IP infra-red thermal imaging cameras. With a wide range of solutions, we have the perfect system to match your present and future requirements.

CCTV plays a key role in keeping customers, employees and physical premises safe. The presence of a well set up, visible camera system can deter criminals before they even consider a break-in or theft. They give the people in and around your premises a sense of security. If something does go wrong, there will be a record of what happens. Professional fixed CCTV cameras and wired CCTV systems are an ideal way of keeping your property protected around-the-clock. No matter if you want to prevent unauthorised access and trespassing, vandalism, theft or any other illegal activity, fixed CCTV systems help ensure your organisation is protected from day one.

Only the best in hardware.

Our comprehensive and bespoke solutions ensure that our services can be tailored to fit your unique and precise requirements. We currently offer a range of cameras, including:

  • Bullet Cameras
  • Network/IP Cameras
  • C-Mount Cameras
  • Wireless Cameras
  • PTZ Pan Tilt & Zoom Cameras
  • Dome Cameras
  • Day/Night Cameras
  • Infrared Night Vision Cameras
  • Thermal Cameras

Services Tailored to You

We recognise that each client’s requirements for CCTV can vary, and so we always offer a fully flexible approach. Whether you want a brand new system, or the existing hardware upgraded, here at Consec we will work with you to find the best solution.

We offer a cost-effective solution to upgrade your current business CCTV system at your pace, reflecting the challenges of improving how you protect your site without compromising on security and safety. We understand the investment you have made in your site security, and we can extend and maintain existing commercial CCTV systems if you are keen to extend its life. Alternatively, we can provide a modular solution to upgrade your system, focusing on the areas that would benefit most from higher resolution images.

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