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Intelligent Transport Systems

What are Intelligent Transport Systems?


Intelligent Transport Systems which include, cameras, sensors, and our software, are responsible for monitoring how traffic flows on any roadway around the world. Our systems help vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles move safely and smoothly through complex urban and transit movements.

Why are Intelligent Transport Systems so important?


Traffic Managers all over the world use detection and monitoring services to help manage the safe and efficient flow of traffic. Our hardware and software solutions can help you monitor motorists and pedestrians in urban environments, detect incidents on highways and in tunnels, collect traffic data, and ensure safety along public railways.

How do ITP systems achieve their role?

Real-Time Analysis – Involves real-time video or thermal camera image analysis, allowing for more efficient traffic management. Traffic lights can be adapted in real-time in accordance with traffic flow, and early detection when incidents occur, resulting in faster intervention from rescue teams.


Video Detection – The combination of numerical data and visual images sets video detection apart from all other detection systems. The immediate visual feedback our systems provide from a monitor are invaluable for traffic managers or operators to know exactly what is occurring and the appropriate actions for you to take. 


Connected Network – Our sensors securely connect to all varieties of management software solutions. From video recording, command and control, traffic event storage, cloud data analytics, and communications, our transportation solutions are capable of much more than detection.


Automotive Solutions

Advanced Signal Control – Our traffic sensors help you control intersections and optimize traffic flow for pedestrians, bicyclists, and public transportation. Automating intersections and crosswalks can improve overall safety and reduce bottlenecks in dynamic urban environments.


AI Powered Sensors – Thermal and visible sensors powered by AI can detect approaching vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians without the need for pre-configured zones, meaning you can reliably control intersections and gather valuable positioning, speed and heading data for better planning decisions.


Above Ground Sensors – Visible light cameras, thermal imaging, and radar effectively detect approaching vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians. Furthermore, programmable detection zones allow traffic operators to monitor road users across multiple lanes with only one singular sensor. Above ground detection systems are easy to maintain and provide a much more dynamic and innovative service than traditional systems.


Protecting Vulnerable Road Users – Our systems prioritise bicyclists and pedestrians ahead of traffic, leading to safer, more efficient pedestrian travel.


Incident Detection – Our traffic cameras and sensors can reliably detect incidents – including collisions, stopped drivers, and wrong way drivers in challenging lighting and weather conditions, resulting in a quicker incident response time. Furthermore, our camera systems can detect fires or other incidents in tunnels long before traditional systems.


Public Transportation – Our technology helps public transportation systems operate efficiently. Thermal imaging detects activity around platforms and tracks, monitor the seat occupancy and passengers in buses and trains, and detect on board fires.

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