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Travel Safety

By March 29, 2018No Comments

Ensuring you have the right safety and security measures in place is crucial to protecting your family, assets and people; whether at home or abroad, at work or at pleasure, vulnerability can always be exploited. This is becoming ever more important with the current global tensions reaching a critical state. If you’re planning to travel to or from potentially volatile or high-risk areas or just looking to review your current security protocol, there are certain elements that will need to be addressed in order to tackle any issues that may occur as effectively and safely as possible.

There are a number of measures you can take that will make your journey more comfortable. For example, when planning a trip, it would be most beneficial for you to get real-time advice about travel from one of our experts. Without ruining your trip, whether for business or pleasure, by being too precautious it is still important that you’re vigilant in public areas and are constantly looking out for anything suspicious. This is where Consec Risk Management can help. We will ensure that you, family , colleagues and friends are protected at all times using an amalgamation of technology and discreet professionalism.

These measures are effective, and they certainly allow you to develop a better plan for your travels, however, the current climate suggests that physical measures are likely to be required on a more regular basis. These measures do not have to draw undue attention and can be tailored to fit all purposes. A range of other physical security measures can be implemented. Security drivers are a great way of travelling around a high-risk area without attracting unwanted attention. Our Global security operations centres can provide you with; traveller tracking, daily reports to your family members, 24 hour response which includes deployment of resources if needed and daily reports for you to incorporate into your plans.

Consec Risk Management has years of expertise working in hostile environments as well as within the corporate sector, and we believe it is our duty to spread our knowledge in order to make the world a safer place in general.

As a company we offer a range of services that can be used for those of you who would feel safer having had industry leading knowledge and protection. These services include:
• Executive Close protection officers
• A review of your current security measures that you have in place
• Security review of destinations you are travelling to
• Home and office penetration testing
• Secure Chauffeuring
• Industry leading physical and digital security measures
• Anti-surveillance and the latest in TSCM
Our services can also be easily adapted to become child friendly, protecting children from becoming aware that they may be in a hostile situation.
We pride ourselves on the fact that we care about those we work with and building relationships is vital to our success in providing you with the best possible protection.

I implore you to contact us and allow our discreet and confidential services to give you complete peace of mind.

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