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Charity Commitments

By March 29, 2018No Comments

At Consec we strive to recognise the esteemed efforts of charities that support a wide range of causes. We regard ourselves as an ethical company, and as part of this ethos we continue to participate and host events in order to raise money for the charities we hold closest to our hearts.

Understandably not everyone can raise money or donate themselves, you can, however, raise awareness by publicising the events that charities are holding and talking about the amazing work that some charities do every day. Charities rely solely on donations, but without awareness the causes these charities are doing so much for won’t have access to the facilities they require.

Every year everyone at Consec participates in a charity event, usually with Brighton based charities so we can really give back to the community that we live and work in. Every year we help the Sussex Heart Charity organise and run Brightona, a charity event involving motorbikes that brings people from all over the country together to raise money for such an amazing cause. The Sussex Heart Charity allows for life changing research to be carried out in the cardiac unit in Brighton, whilst also working with the community to provide and get people trained to use defibrillators. All of the work they do wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the public, so please do what you can to help and spread the word!

Additionally, we have developed a relationship with ABF the Soldiers Charity through me as I abseiled down the Spinnaker Tower to raise money for the charity. On top of this, I am planning to take part in a skydive organised by ABF in the near future. ABF is an extremely vital charity for soldiers and veterans as well as their immediate families. Although the fundraising I have done and will do for them isn’t substantial, it enables me to feel as though I’m making a difference to the lives of those that have protected our country which is incredibly humbling. Visit their website for more information on what they do and how you can help:

The biggest charitable event we have participated in is yet to come. On June 23rd 2018 we are hosting a charity gala. Think glitz, glamour, black ties and ball gowns, we plan to have it all. This gala is not only raising money for four amazing charities (Pilgrim Bandits, Talking2Minds, Blind Veterans UK and the Sussex Heart Charity), it is also a chance for local Brightonians to showcase their talent as we will be having performances of spoken word and entertainment, as well as an art exhibition with specially created pieces for the event. A live auction will take place, during which a vast range of items and experiences will be up for sale in the hope that everyone will get involved and bid. For the event we have to give special thanks to the East Sussex National Golf Course who are allowing us to use their beautiful venue, whilst also providing us with amazing food and wine. Here’s some further information on each of the charities which will highlight the reason why we’ve taken on the big responsibility of planning an event like this.

Pilgrim Bandits was established with the mantra ‘always a little further’. They provide support for injured personnel which helps to re-instil their self-belief and self-confidence which can be destroyed by sustaining an injury whilst serving. The charity continuously inspires injured veterans to live life to the full, making sure they know that an injury doesn’t define them.

Blind Veterans UK has been providing support to veterans with impaired vision since 1915, helping them to deal with their sustained injuries. They strongly believe in the phrase ‘we work together as one team’ because they want to provide a support service that transforms their lives, so they feel fulfilled and independent, allowing them to achieve things that they may have not thought possible

The Sussex Heart Charity was created to provide support for the cardiac unit in Brighton. Since 1987 the charity has been providing information to the public on heart health, providing training and participating in innovative research that helps to save people’s lives daily. They provided the first ever public access defibrillator and continue to try and provide these to businesses across Sussex, of which we are a happy recipient.

Talking2Minds provides vital support to those suffering from mental illnesses as a result of their service, combating such issues as PTSD and depression. The chaity was established in 2008 and is still relatively small with little finance but the impact they have had on over 700 veterans’ lives has been immeasurable. They adopt a non-medical approach to the illnesses, focusing on talking and inclusion to provide a safe environment that can be used to talk about issues, or simply provide a friendly atmosphere that makes people feel welcome and cared for. You can join them in their #JumpOutChallenge by videoing yourself jumping out to scare someone, sharing it on social media and making a donation. –

If you take one thing from this post I hope that you realise everything makes a difference. No matter how small, and no matter how insignificant it may seem to you, it will always impact someone’s life for the better. Even when you work five days a week with office stress hanging over you constantly like we do at Consec, you can take some time away from that to focus on something different and work to help someone other than yourself. You’ll find its one of the most rewarding activities you can participate in.


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