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When choosing your security provider, it is important that you dedicate time and thought to the process, as failure to do so could cause you more problems than you started out with. Consec has identified 7 factors that should be taken into consideration when picking your security provider to ensure that you find the best match for your requirements.

7 factors that should be taken into consideration when picking your Brighton Security provider


Look at the management and leadership of the company and how that is carried throughout all levels of employees. You should aim to choose a provider that has a clearly motivated workforce that would be willing to put in that extra bit of effort to help out. They should be keen to provide you with whatever security measures you may need, even if they don’t have access to them straight away. This will be achieved by a passionate team, dedicated to producing good results, so it is vital that you meet with potential providers in order to gauge their work ethic.


you should strive to develop a good line of communication with your chosen provider. This is vital and will develop a good relationship, making it easier for you because this makes them more likely to be committed to going that extra mile for you. Good communication will also enable your provider to adapt to changes in your requirements swiftly, maximising the effectiveness of the service they are providing you.

It goes without saying that you will have to look into the expertise of the organisation. This can be difficult, especially if you know nothing about security as there tends to be numerous accreditations that signpost whether the organisation has the appropriate skills and understanding.


Do they have the human resources necessary to fulfil your requirements? If the organisation doesn’t have an appropriate recruitment system in place, then it is unlikely they will be able to be flexible to your needs. This will also make it more likely that you’ll have to wait for them to recruit to suit your needs which isn’t ideal when you’re in need of security provisions. The world is a fast-paced, ever-changing environment, so having the resources to train employees is key to ensuring the workforce is up to date with recent developments, which in turn allows the organisation to provide you with the best possible services.


Is that your security provider is also a reflection of you and/or your organisation. This means that they are representing your brand and values when they work for you. So, you should look into the quality of the service they are providing. Although this is difficult, I would advise asking the organisation for testimonials, and then possibly even go on to contact some of their clients yourself to ensure that you’re getting an honest representation of the company. I believe you’ll find this to be of great significance when making your decision because when it comes down to it, a company can sell themselves easily if they know how to, but client testimonials display how the organisation conveys their promises into reality. Trying to ask clients with similar needs to yourself would gain you a better understanding of the quality as many security providers differ in their areas of expertise. The quality of service provided can be measures a number of ways, but ultimately it boils down to resources, training and effectiveness, so, it would be useful to focus on these areas when doing your research and making enquiries.


In addition to quality, you should also consider value at the same time. No one wants to pay extortionate prices for a service, of course, but in the security industry cheaper is never usually better. If you choose a security provider that has prices lower than the general consensus in the area, then it is likely that they either lack expertise or they pay their employees badly, both of which are unacceptable. Always look to see if the organisation is a living wage employer as this a good indicator towards them treating their employees well which will result in a better service provided to you. Transparency is key here; as long as you know staff are treated well then paying more shouldn’t be a problem. At the end of the day, happy employees = happy clients.


Choose a provider that suits you as a person. Do they have the same ethos? Similar beliefs? Do they use a personable approach? I would only opt for a security provider that made the effort to know me on a personal level, and one that I believe reflects my demeanour and image. Caring about clients’ interests and beliefs should be part of their sales processes anyway, but a good working relationship works both ways, so be open and honest in the hope that they will return the favour.

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