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The sad reality is Moped crime has risen 30x in 5 years. Shocking right? Moped thieves target distracted pedestrians. Mobile and headphone use reduces your ability to protect yourself. With the increase in Mobile devices used in public, moped crime has exploded. Traveling in your own ‘bubble’ is dangerous. Moped Criminals carrying out these acts capitalise on the absence of mind. This guide will help you understand how to event such attacks. 

Switching to hands free devices?

  • Firstly, If there is nothing in your hand, there is nothing for them to grab. Result, they’re won’t target you.

Spreading out belongings?

  • Secondly, Reduce the chance of your items getting stolen by spreading out your items (bag, coat, trouser pockets) Result, You are likely to only lose a percentage of items.


  • Thirdly, Try switching your laptop bag for a gym bag. Result,  they’re unlikely to steal a large bag with un valuable items.

The Met Police are desperately trying combat this type of crime. They now use stingers which remotely trigger, puncturing their tyres. The Met use UV spray that can be tracked. The UV spray stays on clothing for months. These methods deal with the arresting of suspects, however there are little preventative actions being taken.

So how can you help?

In short, It is up to you, not just the Police to ensure that you are minimising your risk of being a target. Please take yourself out of your bubble…it’s not worth the risk. For perspective, The Met are unable to chase down Moped drivers due to the risk it poses to the public, reducing the likelihood of catching suspects. So, it is important to follow this short guide and to to keep on lit roads with visible CCTV cameras.

May 2017 showed there were 2,280 scooter-related offences recorded in the capital that month, with a suspect charged in only 1.7% of cases.

Be vigilant, be cautious and be safe.

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