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12 ways you can keep safe out in Brighton

By July 23, 2021July 26th, 2021No Comments

Our Vision.

In an ever changing and unpredictable world where the need and desire to protect what is dearest to us is becoming ever more important we combine our wealth of knowledge, adaptability and high calibre personnel to ensure your property, assets, people and reputation are safe and secure.


 On July 19th the Government lifted all legal limits on social contacts. Finally, Brighton’s Nightclubs will be the destination of choice for party-goers once again. In preparation for the Lockdown being lifted, The Consec Group has composed this comprehensive list.

It is hard to imagine that it has been over 65 weeks since Brighton Nightclubs have last been open. With the apparent dangers of clubbing long forgotten the public at large will be rusty. This highlights the urgency to re-establish individual responsibilities in keeping safe on a night out.

Consec Risk Management believes in not just reactionary measures to anti-social behaviour but preventative teaching. This guide is to educate you on the thrills of partying in Brighton while still keeping safe.

Planning in Advanced

Clubs, with opening hours past 3 am, welcome revellers pushing their drinking limits once again. Knowing your limit is  a vital step to keeping safe while drinking. Here are 4 ways planning will improve you & your friends’ safety in Brighton:

1. Eat well before you leave home.

A full stomach slows the absorption of alcohol. If you drink alcohol with an empty stomach, the alcohol passes directly into your bloodstream. If you’ve eaten before drinking, the rate of alcohol absorption slows down.

2. Pack appropriately before you leave:

  • Always bring ID: In Brighton, the only recognised form of identification accepted is a Passport or a Driving License. If you have an expired or damaged ID, register for a new ID – Here.
  • Make sure you’ve charged your phone before you leave. If there is an emergency, always use 999 (remember 111 is available for less urgent medical issues).
  • Consec Risk Management is always just a call away from all of our venues. If you see a member of the public being anti-social within a venue Our emergency MSU number is 01273 974 900, this is a 24/7 365 Hotline for all of your security needs.

3. If you’re going partying, always plan.

It’s easier & safer to make decisions before you go out into Brighton’s busy nightlife. Making decisions before you arrive in town ensures you don’t make dangerous mistakes under the influence of alcohol.

Examples of planning include:

  • Arranging to stay close to friends you trust.
  • Asking trusted friends to look out for you.
  • Arranging meeting points & locating quieter areas of town.
  • Let Family and Friends know where you are going out too as a backup.

4. Plan how you’re getting home:

Getting a sober ride home is an important step to ensuring you have a safe night out in Brighton. If you are unfamiliar with Brighton’s public transport network we suggest researching & downloading Taxi numbers & local transport apps.

  • Make sure more than one friend has access to local transport information.
  • Importantly, always have a plan B to get home if plan A falls through.
  •  Never accept rides from strangers.

Arriving in Town

Brighton is a vibrant and exciting place to visit, but it can be dangerous. Like planning, how you arrive into Brighton is just as important. With town inevitably being busier understanding your surroundings and identifying potential risks is key to a safe night out.

1. Have an idea of which club you will be going to before arriving.

Many clubs are located at two areas, West Street and ‘The Lower’. These areas are known for petty crime and anti-social behaviour. We suggest planning to arrive at the club before it gets too busy. This is to avoid potential confrontation.

2. Avoid unwanted attention.

Drawing unwarranted attention to yourself on a night out can be dangerous. Consec suggests Leaving any unneeded cards, money, keys and accessories at home. This reduces the potential of you becoming a target.

Another strategy we suggest is using an informal “buddy system”. You and your friends take turns in looking after, and out for, other friends and strangers.

This may include;

  • Watching drinks
  • Intervening in incidents
  • And, encouraging the group to leave a venue.

3. Look out for others

When drinking, remember not to just look out for yourself but for your friends around you. Spotting dangers is key to keeping safe on a night out. Always stay alert.

There is always the possibility that you will encounter certain unpleasant individuals. While out as a group make sure to all be aware of your surroundings and who each individual is being engaged with.

4. Drinking responsibly in public places.

Brighton Beach is a melting pot of holidaymakers enjoying the joys of a seaside town. Drinking responsibly whilst in a public place involves being respectful of your surroundings, respecting the environment and respecting public drinking laws. For more information on Brighton & Hove’s Drinking laws follow this – Link.

5. Be aware of your surroundings.

As the day turns into night, your awareness of your surroundings needs to increase. Potential criminals have a greater advantage at night when people are intoxicated.

We suggest using cash-points during the day, this reduces the chance of you getting targeted by criminals in a venerable position. If you need to use a cash point at these hours, we suggest you go with more than one person as a lookout.

Drinking Safely

Drinking safely on a night out is all about pacing yourself and understanding your limits. With the excess of Pubs, Bars, Restaurants in Brighton, it is easy to push past your limits. There is a stark difference between drinking in Pubs & Bars compared to nightclubs. Packed venues, dark rooms and in many cases drugs being present in the venue. This guide is here to remind you of the added dangers of clubbing in Brighton and how to keep safe drinking in nightclubs.

1. Know your limit & plan ahead.

With Clubs being closed since March 2020, many of us have not had many opportunities to test your limit for over a year. Firstly, one way you can keep within your own limits is to drink alcoholic drinks that you are familiar with. Try to avoid too many shots, & avoid mixing drinks. The night is long so pace yourself accordingly, count your drinks and try to avoid drinking games.

2. Always have eyes on your beverage.

Date rape drugs can make a person confused about what is happening, less able to defend themselves against unwanted sexual contact, or unable to remember what happened. Date rape drugs can be put into a drink without you knowing.

Ways to protect yourself and your friends from attackers is to: Never leave drinks unattended. Secondly, be sure to stick with your friends, there’s safety in numbers. If you need to leave your own drink for any reason, for example going to the toilet, we advise you to give your drink to a friend or behind the bar.   If you need to take your drink to the restroom with you. Keep your hand covered over your drink when you’re not looking at it. Many creative tools such as Spikey’s reduce the chances of you and your friends becoming victims. Find out more about Spiky’s – here.