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Pilgrim Bandits Charity was established by a small group of Special Forces veterans in 2007 with the sole aim of using their unique training and experience to help and inspire wounded soldiers to live life to the full.

The mantra ‘Always a Little Further’ is core to the charity’s attitude, whether working with amputee men and women from the services directly or by utilising their experiences to inspire and encourage young people and children. Pilgrim Bandits don’t do sympathy, but offer the rewards of belonging to a team, encouragement, belief and the power of humour over pain.

Pilgrim Bandits’ primary aim is to help those in need directly, with no compromise. Soon, those who needed help become those that give it. By pushing injured men and women into physically and mentally demanding situations that they would not have dreamed possible; kayaking extraordinary distances, climbing mountains, jumping from aircraft, running races, trekking across inhospitable terrain, self-confidence is restored and self-belief instilled – Always a Little Further. Pilgrim Bandits pushes those that have already endured so much to go beyond endurance – to embrace life again and in so doing inspire others.

Some view Pilgrim Bandits as a forces charity but it is a Charitable Force, bringing support, help and adventure to injured personnel from both the Armed and Emergency services.

Since 2003 Brightona’s Motorbike Festivals and events have had thousands of visitors flocking to the shores of Brighton. All these events raise funds for The Sussex Heart Charity and vital medical equipment to improve the lives of hundreds of people.

Brightona has a large public following and are always looking for new ways to raise funds. We have a dedicated and passionate team that work hard throughout the year to make Brightona happen. Plus, lots of support for our sponsors, volunteers, bands, local businesses, media outlets and the general public. All offering to help with their, time, ideas, venues, experience and knowledge to help support Brightona, which in turn passes that help onto others in need.

Brightona Charity Riders hold many events throughout the year. The biggest of these is the Brightona Bike Show held on Madeira Drive in Brighton, East Sussex every October. You can always expect, a fun packed time with some amazing motorcycles, hot rods, live music, stalls and not forgetting the wall of death!! When it comes to the bikes there are many competitions including Best Bike in Show, Best Custom Bike, to name a few, plus Best Hot Rod. All profits raised are donated to purchase vital medical equipment for hospitals and individuals.

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